Services Offered

Ayurveda Health Counseling: Working in a one-on-one setting, I help my clients bring their lives into balance according to their Dosha, the seasons, their current phase of life, etc. We evaluate and make adjustments to diet, lifestyle, daily practices and routines, and exercise and yoga asana. These sessions include an intake session and a follow-up meeting. More follow-up sessions are available as needed. Counseling can be done in person or remotely.

Ayurvedic Shopping: This is a unique offering to assist clients in choosing products that work best for their specific needs, Dosha, health concerns, financial situation, etc. If you know you want to make changes, but do not know where to begin or where to find what you are looking for, this service is for you. Home visits are available to organize pantries, kitchen cupboards and bathroom cabinets, etc. From making lists for shopping to a complete overhaul.

Yoga Sessions: Small groups or one-on-one yoga sessions are a wonderful way to dip your toes into the world of yoga or to advance a practice beyond a one-hour studio class. Our first session will involve goal setting and assessment of the clients needs (from injury healing to tight muscle groups to breathwork, etc.). Sessions can be done on location or remotely.

Vata Phase” Counseling: For lack of a better name, this one-on-one work is for women approaching or on the other side of menopause. In Ayurveda, this is called the Vata Phase of life. For many women this is a time of increased health concerns. For others it can be a lonely time, as children have grown and the home becomes quiet. Our hormones, emotions, and physical bodies require special care as we near this time of life. It is an honor to grow older, and honoring our bodies through menopause can be a lovely gift to self.

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