Dosha Questionnaire

Take our short questionnaire to get started in your Ayurvedic journey.

Circle the phrases that describe your personality and physical body the best. This preliminary

questionnaire can give us an idea which of the three Dosha is prominent for you, though a

more detailed survey will give us more information.

I have long limbs and a thin frame.                I am muscular with a medium build.          My frame is larger, with big muscles.

I may forget to eat. My weight tends              I gain and lose weight easily.              I gain weight easily and lose it slowly.

to be low.                                                                                                                   

My skin is dry and rough.                               I tend to get rashes on my skin.          My skin is moist and smooth.

My hair is dry, brittle, and/or frizzy.              My hair is fine. I have gone/am          My hair is thick and/or oily.

going grey or bald early.

My joints are thin and crack or pop                My joints are loose and move             My joints are large and well lubricated.

with movement.                                              easily.                                                 

My sleep is light, and I wake easily.              I need little sleep to feel rested.          My sleep is deep, long, and it’s a challenge to wake.                                                                                                   

I tend to be cold, especially in the                  I am usually warm and prefer             I don’t like the cold, wet weather.

hands and feet.                                                cooler climates.                                  

I like change. I am creative and artistic.         I like to be right and to convince        I am supportive of others and a good caretaker.

                                                                        others to see my view.                       

I tend to be anxious or worried.                      I have a temper or get angry.              I withdraw when stressed or get depressed.


Count up the number in each column that you have circled. If you have the most circled in the first column, you may be a Vata Dosha; the middle column, you may be a Pitta Dosha; and the third colum, you may be a Kapha. If you have two columns that are nearly equal, you may be a combination of those two Doshas. And, occasionally, someone is tri-Doshic when all three are equal.