On Recipes

How do you come up with all of your great recipes?

This is the question I am asked most often at FLYC. And the answer is really quite simple: a lot of trial and error. When I am creating in the juice bar I try lots of different combinations, plan on making a mess, and sample everything. I don’t worry about waste, because we can eat all of the mistakes! After I get the recipe where I like it (which may take several tries), I make it for our juiceistas to sample. I try to get several different opinions and tweak the recipe as needed. For instance, I love ginger. Anyone who’s had a Spin Fizz that I made will know that I go heavy on the ginger. Someone who didn’t care for ginger might use less. (Note: you can always ask us for more of something in your juice or smoothie…More ginger, less banana, etc.)